Flee as a bird to your mountain.

Hey,我叫王颢迪,是东南大学软件工程专业的一名在读硕士研究生。我擅长Python/Java/ c++,对机器学习、深度学习、数据挖掘、强化学习、数据库、系统、网站编程等计算机科学领域有广泛的了解。


Flee as a bird to your mountain.

I am Johnny Wang, a Master of Science student at Southeast University and major in Software Engineering . I have solid programming skills in Python/Java/C++ and comprehensive knowledge on various computer science fields including machine learning, deep learning, data mining, database, system, and website programming. With several internship experiences in the industry, I have enhanced my ability on developing software products related to machine learning, database, and website. I increased my capacity on more advanced computer science topics such as graph neural networks and reinforcement learning . Carrying much passion, I want to solve more computer science related issues, build more useful libraries, and produce more influential software products in the future.